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What is Double Whammy Networking

Double Whammy Networking (DWN) hosts quality business networking events with a difference! Our ad hoc events are always sponsored and raise funds for local charities and good causes. Events will be different times of the day, different venues and slightly different formats but there will always be two common denominators:

• Friendly, quality business networking

• At least 80% of the ticket price will go to local good causes

Hence the name Double Whammy: attendees enjoy serious networking opportunities knowing that they are "doing good" at the same time!

Events are priced at normal market price for the type of event but sponsorship enables us to raise funds for the "charity pot" for that particular day.

We don't hold raffles or auctions at our networking events. You can come along without feeling we'll try and coax more money from you as you will have paid for the "charity pot" contribution in your ticket price. Of course, you will be able to make a donation if you want to. And there will sometimes be an optional business card draw called "5 for 5" where the winner gives a five minute pitch about their business, but absolutely no pressure!

Whether you are a seasoned networker or attending your first event, our aim is to ensure you always feel relaxed and comfortable. There are no membership requirements or restrictions on business sectors, and we certainly don't ask you to provide referrals. We believe good networking happens holistically, as long as the organiser is looking after everyone properly – and that's what we'll always aim to do.

Double Whammy Networking launched in Southend, Essex on 10th October 2013 and our aim is to launch across the country. If you think you might be interested in organising DW Networking events in your area, find out about becoming an ORB Ambassador.


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